• Image of Boa Werk - Part 3

Take Vayda's new online Boa Werk 35-45 min workshop! Video view-able with unlisted youtube link. Watch as many times as you want in the comfort of your own home! Once payment is received, Vayda will email link from ShakeYerTassels@gmail.com email.

Each video class will be part discussion, part movement. You will learn poses, transitions, & combinations that you can incorporate into your own burlesque choreography or add a new skill to your repertoire. Class is all levels. Meant to be watched in order. No routines taught (at this time). Just grab a boa (or tie a few scarfs together 6-7ft long) and let's get to it!

Part 3: Discussion - Get creative! Incorporating boas in costumes as reveals and other unique ways to use boas followed by continue learning more poses, transitions, & combinations. A list of books used as references in video provided & where to buy, as well as notes from discussion.

Future Video topics:
*Care & Storing
*Show Day tips
*Moves: Poses, Strategic Stripping, Reveals, Audience Play, Floorwork, Tossing, & Using your Boa as a Prop vs. an Accessory

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